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Motus for Dance

Freedom of movement. Motus is independent from tracking area and lighting conditions. No optical sensors involved in capturing your motion.

Usually dancer follows the music and technicians follows the dancer to implement the image and audible atmosphere of the show. Motus enables dancers to directly control and improvise with sound, live visuals or lighting. Create spectacullar impression for the audience and more immersive perfomance for the dancer.

Motus can be held in hand, attached to a dancers leg or to be embedded in to the prop. It’s small size and light weight will not hinder the freedom of motion. There are no cameras, so you don’t have to worry about lighting conditions – that is extremely important for on stage performances. By the way, we have barebone version of Motus.

Motus for live visuals

Create more immersive show. Control visuals, sounds or both at the same time.

Use Motus for your real-time visuals: from changing the video loop to the complex actions on your VJ software.