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motion to sound

Another way to express your music. It’s completely different feeling to get the sound just from your motion in the free space.

With Motus you can use many motion gestures without any perceptible latency and find another dimensions of using musical instruments. Motus Pro features high data rate that ensures low-latency wireless transmission and data processing. Playing Motus feels natural – instant sound response.
Bow without strings, play synths without pressing the keys – just let your hands to move. Find another dimensions of using musical instruments.

connect motion to everything

Easy mapping to any software. Map motion gestures in your musical environment.

 Use it as a standard controller with DAW of your choice:

– Freely assign any motion parameter to any function
– Get your hands-up in the air to enhance your live performance
– Unlimited number of knobs and faders controlled by your motion

Or use Motus device for Ableton Live.

Turn Motus into a MIDI controller and use it with any MIDI compatible software. Learn more

vr for sound

Focus on sound. Open you imagination through virtual sound reality. Recent hype on the visual VR has distracted us from all of the cool things we could do with audio.

3D audio gives us a full range surround experience unlike the visuals. By using Motus you can interact with soundscape in all directions: guide yourself in the ambience and touch the sound. It could become a story or a game while the image comes only from your imagination. Sound can become a key to undiscovered experiences.

Unlike with the visuals, 3D audio is not limited to the field of view of the display and can be rendered to give a ‘complete 360-degree’ experience.
Richard Marks

Augmented instruments

Attach Motus on anything and explore new possibilities of added sounds or effects.

Augmented instruments with Motus
Apply Motus on a guitar neck, violin bow, percussion or wine bottle. Your motion becomes delay, reverb or additional sounds. Every attachment variation will provide you with different way of sound control.